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Labor Day Band Sale

At Music Scene on September 3rd (Labor Day) we will be having a huge Labor Day Band Sale.

What To Expect

-Discounts on merchandise

-Good sales on our instruments for band

-Free prizes

-Drawings for prizes

-Great customer service

-Live Music

Many people are trying to get an instrument for their child to start band. Below I have listed the instruments and brands that we have here for selection at Music Scene. Here at Music Scene we believe we can get the best rent to own band instrument option for your personal needs. We have so many different brands, and we have so many new and used instruments here that we are sure we can find the right fit for your child's wants and needs. If you have any questions about our rent to own band instrument policy please give us a call at 316-440-8684.

-Trombones- for rent and purchase

-Saxophones- for rent and purchase

-Trumpets- for rent and purchase

-Clarinets- for rent and purchase

-Flutes- for rent and purchase

-Drum and Bells- for rent and purchase

These Name Brands are just some of what we offer at Music Scene

Accent, Armstrong, Antigua, Artley, Bach, Buffet, Cannonball, Conn, Gemeinhardt, Holton, Jupiter, King, Selmer, Vito, and Yamaha.

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