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5 Steps To Help Your First Year Band Student Be Better Prepared For Band


It can be nerve wrecking for a parent who has a child who is beginning band. It is an investment, and can be a great positive learning conducive activity for a child. Some parents never played an instrument themselves, but their child is going to start doing band, and as a parent you want to be able to help them get started. Below I have some tips to help make this process as simple as possible.

Step 1 – Have a designated practice area in your house.

This first step is very important, because from the beginning it shows the parent is serious about their child practicing. It allows for them to have their own area that they can focus and practice at. This area can be anywhere in the house; most likely in an area that will not cause much disruption to the rest of the house.

Step 2 – Have your child practice a small amount every day rather than a large amount less frequently.

This helps the band student get into a practice routine, which can pay off dividends in the long run. With practice the child will improve, and the band director will like that, plus the child’s confidence can grow as they build a new skill.

Step 3 – Get a Music Stand

Children without a music stand who want to practice find all kinds of ways to set up their music. Usually these “clever” ways they set up their music is not the best for their posture. With a music stand the student will be sitting like they are in band class. Foldable stands are easily portable, and they are affordable.

Step 4 – Get Other Instrument Accessories

Each instrument should have their own specific care kit. (Example: Clarinet Care Kit). These care kits allow the band student to be able to properly care for their instrument, so the instrument stays in good playing condition and lasts much longer.

Step 5 – Get a Copy of The Band Directors Schedule

Do this at the beginning of the year, so schedule conflicts can be avoided when the band student might have a concert. The rest of the band is relying on each other to be there to make the best possible concert. Knowing the schedule in advance can also prompt the parent to ask questions like “are you practicing for your concert in a week?” These questions can help motivate the band student.

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