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Top 3 Facebook Marketing Tips- For Music Scene

Music Scene Rocks

My name is Kyle Shook, and I have been using Facebook as a marketing platform ever since I started working at the Music Scene in January of last year. I personally contribute some of the growth we have had at Music Scene to Facebook. Full disclosure, we do not run ad after ad over and over throughout the year, so I do not want you to think that you have to spend money in order to have a good Facebook campaign. However, I do believe a timely, cost effecient, and well targeted can be very useful. Also I would like to mention that I am not claiming to be a Facebook marketing expert. I am just here to share what has been successful for us personally. I hope you enjoy these tips!

Tip 1 - Be consistent

You are probably thinking, "well of course Kyle, consistency is key for anything." I must put this down because it is so vital. When I say "be consistent" I just mean to post consistently throughout the week, so you stay relevant in the eyes of your viewers. I generally try to post 5 times a week spread out pretty evenly. It is easy to think I am just too busy today to post on Facebook, and maybe this is true, and if it is true try to set one hour for the whole week for Facebook and schedule each all of your posts for the week.

Tip 2 - Please track what works and what does not work

When it comes to marketing this is necessary for all platforms you are using to advertise. If you are using a business page on Facebook every time you make a post it tells you how many likes, comments, shares, and people your post reached. Do trial and error to see what your viewers are enjoying and what they are not. Keep learning as you go.

Tip 3 - Think outside the box

It would be easy to tag a product you sell and list the price and say this is for sale. Most likely if this is all you do your viewers will not say interested. Find a way to show your products in use, and share stories of how your products have truly made a difference in people's lives. Generally people like to relate to things, and so when you go the extra mile and do this, then people will have an easier time relating to it rather than just seeing a product with a price on it (No matter how good the sale is.)

If you are interested in going into detail or learning more please contact me on Facebook or email me at

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