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5 Reasons Why An Adult Can Learn To Play An Instrument

When it comes to instruments people say all of the time "I wish I would be able to play an instrument" or "I wish I had musical genes" or "I wish my parents would have forced me to continue playing an instrument when I was younger." We hear these all of the times at our store. Well, I am hear to tell you that it is not too late. You should never give up or not pursue a musical itch or dream you have been wanting to pursue just because you are not a child or are "too old". I personally have a student who did not start with me until they were in their 60s, and she is excelling at a tremendous pace. She has been playing for 14 months with me now, and it looks like she has been playing for years when she is playing her jazz music.

1 - Experience

This comes in handy a great deal when trying to learn an instrument. Yes, even if the experience has nothing to do with music.

2- Adults have better listening skills

Adults tend to respect the teacher, and or instructor's abilities more, and understand that during the lesson what the instructor has to say is usually for their benefit.

3 - Practice Habits

Adults also tend to have and understand practice habits are crucial when it comes to learning an instrument.

4 - Listening experience

Adults also have a lifetime of listening experience. Whether it be from the radio, albums growing up, live music at events, etc. This really does come in handy when it comes to counting and dynamics of a song.

5 - Nobody is forcing you to learn

Your parents are not forcing you to do lessons, in fact nobody is. You chose the instrument that you enjoy and are interested in learning. This means you want to do it on your own.

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