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St. Petersburg Violinist - How They Are Helping Shape Young Lives.

We had the honor of having some very talented musicians from the St. Petersburg group perform in our store. This is a quick video of them performing a couple of their songs.

Music for World Peace Project

Alla Aranovskaya & Boris Vayner are both apart of the St. Petersburg String Quartet, and not only are these two incredible musicians, but they are are also very thoughtful and giving people. They are trying to help connect young musicians around the world, and trying to send the message that people are all alike, and should get along. From countries all over the world Alla and Boris bring in kids and start teaching them piano, violin, cello, and more. They then have them perform with them all over the United States all while raising scholarship money for them to go to a university. Alla and Boris are very passionate about being positive mentors for these youngsters, and here at Music Scene we really appreciate that. Thank you guys so much for what you do.

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