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Orchestra Instrument Pricing

Violins - Cellos - Violas

- Rent a Violin - $15 to $35/Month 
- Buy a Violin - $300 to $600

-Rent a Viola - $20 to $35/Month  
-Buy a Viola - $350 to $550

-Rent a Cello - $35 to $60/Month
-Buy a Cello - $700 to $2,000


We carry 20 to 40 Orchestral Instruments at a time. 

Call Our Store and we can help you find what you need!

Orchestra Accessories Available

-Orchestra Books
-Shoulder Rests
-Violin,Viola, and Cello Bows
-Violin Care Kit

Violn, Cello, Violas

Summer Orchestra Program

Violin, Viola, Cello, and Bass Orchestra Students with one year of experience or more are elgible to join our summer orchestra program.   (316) - 440 - 8684

It is our mission to get you high quality and affordable band instruments with great customer service as quickly as possible.

Our Success Stories

Brian Nguyen has been taking lessons at Music Scene. He started here when he was 5 years old on the piano. He now plays guitar, piano, drums, and saxophone. He is a wonderfully talented musician in every instrument he plays. For his age he received a 1st place overall ranking at a state piano competition. He is also a great swimmer and we believe him starting lessons at a young age has helped him in all of aspects of life because it has taught him a good work ethic with practice makes perfect. 

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