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3 Big Differences Between Adult Piano Lessons and Kid Piano Lessons

Intro –

My name is Kyle Shook, and I am a piano instructor at Music Scene. I hear all the time I wish I would have stuck with piano when I was young. I also here I would love to learn piano, but I am too old. Both statements irk me the wrong way as a piano instructor. This is because I have seen first hand a “busy” adult have major success on piano. I will admit there are some differences between adult piano lessons, and kid piano lessons and below I will try my best to explain them.

Difference 1 – Clear Motivation

If you are taking piano lessons as an adult usually you will be motivated. A person who takes piano lessons as an adult chose on their own to do this. Sometimes, kids must take piano lessons because their parent wants them to, and it can create a lack of motivation if it is not the kid’s true passion. An adult is going to take their lessons seriously because they are the ones actually paying for the lesson, and they do not want to be wasting their own precious time and money.

Difference 2 – Learning ability

Adults improve on piano faster than children. Yes, I know this is hard to believe but believe me, it is the truth for several different reasons. People say kids learn faster than adults, and this may be true, but adults have experience on their side. They tend to trust the teacher and stay on their weekly assignments much better. Adults know how to track and keep up with progress. After 3 years of an adult taking piano they will be much further than a kid who has taken 3 years of piano lessons in almost every case.

Difference 3 – Choice of Music

Usually adults have an idea of what kind of music they want to play, and so they usually get to play and learn what they want. Kids do not have as much experience, and usually are not sure what they want to learn, so they get a basic kid lesson book. Adults usually have more flexibility with what kind of music they play when they are learning piano.

Outro -

With all of this said piano lessons for kids definitely have many advantages that we do not want to overlook. Such as; learning work ethic, learning culture, building self confidence and much more. Another point to be made is if a kid starts piano they may not learn as fast as the adult, but by the time they are the adults age if they stuck with piano, and had a consistent practice regime they would be very skilled on the instrument.

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