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Is Your Kid Going To Be In 5th or 6th Grade Band?

If you are a parent with a child who is about to start band this article is here to help you. Starting band can be an exciting time in a child's life. They may love their instrument and play it through middle school and high school, and even can potentially get a scholarship for their instrument. With this in mind it can be an important time, and one must be careful when renting or purchasing their child an instrument.

-How Much It Will Cost-

We have instruments renting at $19.99/month. You may also purchase an instrument for as low as $400.

-How do get the instrument-

Simply just come into our store and tell us what instrument your band instructor has assigned your child to play for the year, and we will have it here ready for you to walk out with it in about 10 minutes.

-How to fix a damaged instrument-

We have a full service repair shop, and we can fix your instrument in about a week or less, and while your instrument is in our shop you may borrow a loaner instrument.

-Do you need a book to go with the instrument-

Yes, we just need to know what school your child attends and we can get you the correct book to start your band career.

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