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Saxophone Neck Repair

Lane Turgeon

Music Scene

Instrument Repair Technician

Every now and then I see damage on an instrument that's enough to make me gasp when I open the instrument's case. That was exactly the case in this case. See, this Tenor Sax fell severely, and there was damage all over. For the sake of this blog, I'll merely focus on the most difficult part - the neck repair.

Tenor Saxophone Neck
Tenor Saxophone Neck

See, what was abnormally difficult about this was the fact that it had folds in the metal, and deep dents in places that there aren't tools that are extremely well adapted do, due to the curvature of the neck and the fact that it tapers. I knew I'd have to have a stiff neck to stick it out through this neck repair.

Saxophone Repair
Saxophone Repair

When you're ready to drop off the instrument for estimate/repair, visit 546 N Andover Rd, Andover Kansas. If you have questions, email the repair shop directly at, or call the store at 316-440-8684, where you'll speak to our friendly, helpful, and knowledge staff.

Alto Saxophone Neck
Alto Saxophone Neck


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