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5 Benefits of Learning The Drums

Intro -

The drums are a great instrument to start learning at an early age. The skills a person learns on the drums can apply to every other instrument. Below are 5 benefits of learning the drums. Here at Music scene we have a couple of drum instructors, and these benefits have been proven through years of music lessons.

Drum Benefit 1 – Your Rhythm will significantly improve

Everyone knows the drummer must keep the beat. The drum part is the heart and beat of the song. It is what drives the style, and usually is what makes people want to tap their foot and dance. If a person is successful on the drums they will have great timing and counting, and this skill can apply to all other instruments a person may want to learn.

Drum Benefit 2 – Coordination skills will greatly improve

A drummer must be able to do one thing in one hand, another thing in another hand, and must be able to do other things with both of their feet. Four body parts that must do a rhythm all under control to produce one awesome sound. This is extremely difficult and requires a high level of coordination. If a person can do this at a high level on drums their coordination skills will have greatly improved.

Drum Benefit 3 - Great Stress Relief

This benefit applies to every instrument, but it especially applies to this one. What better stress reliever is there than beating on the drums? This is a fun and productive way to relieve stress. We recommend an electric drum set, so you can have headphones plugged in and jam out as loud as you want without bothering anyone.

Drum Benefit 4 – Fitness Improvement

Rocking out on the drums can even be a workout. Playing hard and fast can be a cardio workout. Ever see drummers at concerts? They usually are dripping in sweat!

Drum Benefit 5 - Playing the drums is flat out fun and impressive

When people walk into our music store they always look at the drums, and most try to play on them. When one of our drum instructors plays for a little bit people are so impressed. Practicing the drums usually is not a tough task, because generally people think it is fun intstrument to play.

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