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Guitar Chords - 5 Benefits of Learning

Intro -

Guitar is one of the most popular instruments and has been for a long time. The guitar is a great sounding instrument that is easy to carry around and showcase. If a person knows how to play a few chords on the guitar they can play thousands of tunes that people can sing along to, and this is a great way to be noticed wherever you are at. It may be difficult to learn chords on guitar and the more you know the more songs you will be able to play, so we recommend private lessons to ensure you learn the right way from the get go. Below we have listed our top five benefits of learning guitar chords.

1 - Once you learn how to play chords, if you learn the correct way these chords can apply to other instruments.

This helps your overall understanding of music theory. Understanding music theory can be applied any instrument you chose to learn.

2 - Once you learn a few chords they can be applied to countless amounts of songs.

For example, once you learn a G chord you have learned a chord that is played in millions of songs.

3 - Learning any instrument has benefits to the brain, and this specific hobby is a positive one that people can take on.

Learning the guitar has not only all of the brain benefits that research has proven over the years when people learn music, but they it also provides a nice hand eye coordination benefit. Strumming guitar chords is more difficult than it looks!

4 - Social Benefits.

Being the person who plays at get togethers can be a great way to get along with other people. Playing someone’s favorite song on the guitar and singing along with them is a great way to bond. This can be applied to family gathers and friend gatherings, and even if your brave business social get togethers.

5 - Boosts confidence.

Learning how to play an instrument and seeing clear improvements is a great way to boost confidence for kids and adults. The best way to see clear improvements would be to have an instructor help you along the way to ensure you are maximizing your practice time, and they can pay you the compliments you deserve when you do improve!

If you want to sign up for lessons click here

If you want to learn some basic guitar chords click this link here

Easy Guitar Chords To Learn

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