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Top 5 Most Popular Songs to Learn On Piano

The piano is a wonderful instrument that can play such a variety of songs, because of its wide range of 88 key versatility. The piano can cover the chords and the melody all in one. Since the piano is such a versatile instrument it has a large range of songs it can play. Picking the top five is going to be very difficult. I have been teaching piano for 6 years, with about 40 students in my studio on average year around. and the five songs I list below are in my opinion the most popular songs to learn on the piano.

Titanic Theme “My Heart Will Go” - On James Horner

This is a classic song on piano and is in so many different books all over the country. In my opinion the original song in the key of E is by far the best. It is difficult to put this song in an “easy piano” book and get even close to how good the original sounds.

Fur Elise – Beethoven

So many piano players and even non-piano players can play the classic melody of Fur Elise for about 5 seconds, but can you play the entire thing? This is a great song that everyone knows, and if you can play the real song you can really impress people.

Piano Man – Billy Joel

If you play piano, you really need to learn Piano Man. It is a great song that will always be requested from by the public. This song is not too difficult to learn, and there are many easier versions written that sound pretty good.

Claire de lune – Debussy

This means “light of the moon” in French. This is a song written in the key of C Major, and if you play piano that is most likely your favorite key, because there are no sharps or flats in the key signature. When performed on a concert grand piano this tune is incredible.

River Flows In You – Yiruma

This song has a very beautiful melody, and this song may be considered repetitive, but is still a classic to learn on piano. This song is in the key of A major, and has several 16th notes, so I recommend a slow tempo unless you have practiced this song.


All these songs were chosen based on the requests I have gotten over the years from the public to play. There are still so many great songs to learn on piano, and one should not limit themselves to these five, or think these are set in stone the best five to learn. I hope you agreed with a few of my top five songs.

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