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How Much Do Music Lessons Cost?

Many people want to learn how to sing or play an instrument, but they do not know how much they will be spending. With learning any instrument, private lessons will definitely get you to improve the right way from the beginning, and will have you improve at the fastest rate. In this short article I will hopefully answer most of the common questions we get asked at our store about private lessons.

Question 1: How much does it cost to have music lessons?

The cost is 90 - 95 dollars a month depending on what instrument you are wanting to learn. That gets you one lesson a week with a qualified instructor at our store.

Question 2: Does each teacher charge differently?

At our store they all charge the same price. All instrument lessons are $95 a month, and so no matter what teacher you get paired up with the cost is the same. Unless, it is piano then the cost is $90 a month.

Question 3: How long are the lessons?

The lessons are 30 minutes once per week. The instructor will assign you what to work on throughout the week until next weeks lesson.

Question 4: Are there any other benefits?

Yes, at our music store you get discount off of merchandise, access to our free summer camps, and can participate in our monthly showcases (recitals). Last but not least a new hobby and a great mentor.

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