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Step by Step - How To Restring a Guitar With Pictures

Equipment you will need to Restring your guitar

- New Strings

- Wire Cutter

- String Winder

Step 1

Turn the knobs at the top of the guitar to loosen the string.

(As you turn this knob you should feel the tension of the string loosening. Once it is loose enough unravel the string from the tuning post.)

Step 2

Take out the pin at the bottom of the bridge.

(For this step use your string winder to remove the pin. After the bridge pin is out you may take out the old string).

Step 3

Put the new string and Bridge pin back into the hole you just removed the bridge pin from.

(Face the groove of the pin towards the middle of the guitar and align the string with the groove in the pin as you put it in).

Step 4

Pull the new string through the tuning post at the top of the guitar.

Step 5

Tighten the appropriate knob at the top of the guitar to tighten the new string in.

Step 6

Cut the string's left over slack.


If you are doing every string repeat these steps for each string. After restringing a guitar you must tune the guitar. Use a guitar tuner to do this.

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