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5 Tips To Get Someone To Practice

"Getting a student to practice their instrument can be difficult sometimes. Practice is very necessary for a student's improvement and getting them to do so on a consistent basis can be the difference between success and failure. Below are 5 tips to help get your student to practice according to some of our professional teachers here at Music Scene with over 350 combined years of teaching. " - Kyle Shook

Tip 1 - Have a defined Goal that your student is working towards such as a recital or a cometition.

-Having a defined goal ahead will encourage a student to practice. Short term goals that seem acheivable and easy to reach seem much easier than just one long term ending goal. After a few goals have been accomplished in a row the student and also the teachers confidence will increase.

Tip 2 - Make the lessons fun and enjoyable.

- If the lessons are fun and enjoyable then the students will enjoy practicing more too. Nobody likes to do something they do not enjoy. If the lesson is mundane and boring, then the student will think practicing will be too.

Tip 3 - Occasionally bring private students together for a group setting/lesson

- Bringing students together for a group setting lets them play with one another, and doing this is a great way to encourage them to want to improve. Competition with peers sometimes brings out the best when it comes to wanting to improve. These group settings are fun too!

Tip 4 - Make sure the student has a designated area and time each day to practice.

- When it comes to practicing a person will most likely not practice near as much if they just do it whenever they feel like it. If someone sets out a time each day in a designated area to practice they are much more likely to practice consistently.

Tip 5 - Always be working on something the student enjoys playing.

- Once again if the student enjoys what they are doing they are much more likely to practice. Pick a pop song or a song of their choice, and let them work on it. Even if they are not doing exactly what you may be wanting them to do when it comes to classically teaching them their instrument, they are still practicing.

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