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Ukulele Fun Facts

The ukulele has been an increasingly popular instrument this past year. Here at Music Scene we have seen the demand for this instrument grow. We have had father and daughter duos decide they were going to learn the instrument together. We have had people who have tried guitar and say it was too big or difficult, find great sucess with the ukulele. It is such a fun, and can be a simpler instrument to learn how to play.

Fun Facts

1 - There are 4 different types of ukuleles. (Soprano, Tenor, Concert, and Baritone)

2 - Soprano is the most commonly bought, and is considered the standard size

3 - There are electric ukuleles. (We have one in our store, and it sounds awesome when it is plugged into an amp.

4 - Ukulele means "jumping flea" in Hawaiian

5 - Jason Mraz "I'm Yours" is the most popular bought ukulele song.

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